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People and Potential

with Possibilities and Opportunities

About Vast Resources Coaching and Consulting
Coaching for individuals among all generational cohorts
  • High school students on exploring college degree programs or technical/vocational career plans
  • College students who need career clarity/focus
  • Job/Career seekers trying to find the right career and the right company
  • Downsized employees who are exploring alternative career options
  • Retirees or those planning retirement who are moving from being defined by their careers to the opportunities offered in "re-tire”ment.

Property Management Consulting
  • Strategic planning for teams and assets
  • Due diligence
  • Asset repositioning
  • Revenue enhancements
  • Expense control

Organizational Management and Development Consulting and Coaching
  • Team building and development
  • Culture development
  • Employee retention and engagement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Change management

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I am also a Certified Birkman Consultant
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"Working with Kathy through this part of my job search provided me with valuable insight into my strengths and interests and how I could best use the information to let potential employers discover more about me. With my revised resume in hand, I applied for three teaching positions that I had a strong interest in. Not only did I get interviews for each job I applied for...I was offered all three positions…"
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Our Clients Speak Out

"During my tenure as Executive Vice President at UDR, Inc., Kathy led successful teams managing over 16,000 apartment homes in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado and Arizona. Whether building a new team or taking leadership of existing teams, Kathy always had the innate ability to pull people together toward a common goal…"
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Coaching & Consulting
  1. Personal/Professional Development
    What do you want to achieve? How much time/energy are you willing to commit? What’s keeping you from being where you want to be in life?
  2. Career Transition
    What is your motivation? What obstacles are you facing? What does a successful transition look like?
  3. Birkman Method
    College bound? Not sure about a degree/career plan? Do you feel you are the best you can be? Are you in the right job/career? Should you retire or “re-tire”?
  4. Property Management
    Are your employees engaged and productive? Is your property positioned well for success? Are you maximizing revenue and controlling expenses? Do you want to improve your bottom line?
  5. Organizational Development
    Are your employees aligned with a common goal? How engaged are your employees in their success and that of the organization? Is your company looking for a competitive edge?
  6. Performance Management
    Do you have the resources and tools to be effective? What are the most important individual/team/organizational goals? What would you change that could make the you/ the organization more effective?